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With a joined vision of feminine elegance in special event bakes, it was only a matter of time before we offered our skillset to the community. Our passion is creating desserts which fulfill their intended purpose: rich, indulgent delicacies that make you go back for that second bite. 

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Originally from opposing sides of the country, our unique upbringings and worldly travels inspire unique flavor profiles and sophisticated taste. Emily was raised in the rainy gloom of the Seattle suburbs, where warm spices and Asiatic influence pervaded local cuisine. Reagan's roots are planted in the foothills of Virginia, where rich, home-made food is an expression of love, albeit a form of friendly competition. With backgrounds in the sciences and construction industry, and a passion for bringing joy to people through delicious food, we are pursuing our dream.

As military spouses, we were lucky enough to cross paths and strike an immediate and fierce friendship. We have experienced first-hand the hardships soldiers and their families face protecting our way of life.


At the end of the year, our kitchen sends a portion of our profits to the Green Beret Foundation and Gold Star Families.

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