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Coming this Fall 2023

A hand-picked selection of our top six seasonal flavors delivered to your door! These slices represent flavors available for bakes in coming months. This is a perfect opportunity to sample our unique and delicious pairings if you are considering us for a special event, or simply love cake. We appreciate your business and look forward to hearing your feedback.

Cakes & Cupcakes

Specialty Pairings

Seasonal selection

Earl grey cake with honey buttercream and fig compote

Chocolate cake with sweet basil buttercream and fresh strawberries

Hazelnut cake with chocolate buttercream and toffee crunch


Macadamia shell with ginger cream

Vanilla shell with orange cream

Orange shell with earl grey ganache

Green tea shell with white chocolate ganache

Cocoa shell with passion fruit pastry cream

Macadamia shell with white chocolate ganache and passion fruit

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